Advantages of Portugal horizontal waste paper baler

Release time: 2021-12-08   sentiment:872 time

Horizontal waste paper baler is mainly suitable for large-scale waste recycling stations, paper mills, carton factories and other units and enterprises. Packed items not only greatly reduce storage space, but also greatly reduce transportation costs during transportation, and are beneficial to environmental protection and waste products. Recycling of waste materials.

Advantages of horizontal waste paper baler:
1. Alarm system: program control automatically locks the shutdown alarm, and automatically shuts down the alarm when the equipment is misoperated, the power supply is lacking phase, the pressure is high, and the personnel enter the Baler port by mistake.    
2. Hydraulic system: Imported parts are used for key parts such as hydraulic pump, solenoid valve and hydraulic cylinder oil seal, which make the Baler pressure high, fast speed, durable and low noise.    
3. Electric control system: adopt Siemens motor, original Mitsubishi PLC programming controller, other key parts such as buttons, sensors, infrared beam, remote control system and other key parts adopt imported parts, simple operation and convenient maintenance.
Nick Machinery horizontal waste paper baler has the characteristics of fast speed, simple structure, stable action, low failure rate and easy cleaning and maintenance.