What to pay attention to when using straw baler

Release time: 2021-12-30   sentiment:1146 time

1. Because the straw baler uses a lot of electricity, the output power of the switching power supply must exceed the standard output power of the baler, otherwise it is very easy to damage the circuit or electrical components.

2. When the working standard voltage of the straw baler is specified as a three-phase 415V switching power supply, the neutral line, that is, the standard three-phase four-wire, should be entered as much as possible; otherwise, the machinery and equipment will not work properly, and the internal electrical equipment prefabricated components will be very easy to destroy .
3. When the straw baler is continuously used for a long time, the high-temperature-resistant power line should be regularly maintained and disassembled according to the aging level.
4. After packaging, first turn off the main switch of the heating power supply, let the transport motor and fan motor operate again for about ten minutes, and then turn off all the switching power supplies.
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