Safety performance of Togo vertical baler

Release time: 2022-01-04   sentiment:1139 time

The hydraulic vertical baler has such an advantage: the vertical hydraulic baler adopts a fully automated design, which is more convenient to operate and use. The vertical waste paper baler that lives under the spotlight must show its own charm and have the same charm. In the case of high power, the hydraulic system transmission device has a smaller volume, a more compact structure, and has a better performance compared with a pneumatic transmission device.

The vertical waste paper baler also has good characteristics in terms of safety performance: the hydraulic system of the baler can continuously and stably generate driving force, and the pressure is greater than that of the pneumatic transmission device, which can effectively achieve low-speed and large-tonnage operation, and small cartons The safety protection work of the baler using hydraulic transmission device is relatively easier, the safety threat coefficient is small when operating, and the personal safety of users can be guaranteed. The motor will stop immediately after the packaging is completed, which is power-saving and practical, and the appearance design is simple and beautiful.
NKBALER pays attention to the product quality system: we all know that if the pneumatic transmission system is used, the system will produce greater noise, especially when the exhaust is exhausted, the noise will be greater. Therefore, when using the hydraulic system transmission device, it can Greatly reduce noise, combine the shortcomings and shortcomings of traditional balers, continue to explore, design and develop, to create more advanced, high-pressure, low-noise, long-life, high-efficiency and other high-quality hydraulic equipment.
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